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Pricing Schedule


– 20% off the price of the lot

– 10% off the cost of construction

– 15% off the price of condominium units

 This Pre-Construction Sale is for a limited time and for a limited number of lots


Note: Take 20% off published lot prices and 15% of published condominium units prices. The construction cost for homes is reduced from $75.00 to $67.50 per square foot

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At Las Olas, we don’t get hung up on the size of the lot. The reason for this is that our buyers have said that they would prefer having acres and acres of green space full of trails and activities to enjoy rather than having to be land lock and maintain bigger lots of their own. We listened and for this reason over 80% of Las Olas remains green space with tonnes of walking, cycling and horseback riding trail. Unlike most other resorts that have limited green space to enjoy, Las Olas residence are not limited to their home or a couple small walking trails or club house, at Las Olas we believe the property is there to experience. Did we mention we have a beautiful beach as well?


Payment Terms

• 100% of the price of the lot at closing (deed to lot will be delivered at that time)
• 33% of the total home construction cost at commencement of construction (to commence within three years)
• 33% of the total home construction cost when roof is completed
• 34% of the total home construction cost at completion